Physical Security Solutions

New Jersey Business Systems offers Physical Security solutions for a wide variety of applications. Using industry leading IP Based Video Surveillance and Wireless Networking we enable you to deploy cameras remotely. Want to see what is going on at the park? Looking for License Plate Recognition (LPR) in the town parking garage? Want to secure remote assets like solar fields, equipment or facilities? We can help.
We also specialize in Visitor Management Solutions. We enable schools to know instantaneously who should be allowed to visit or sign out a child. Our solution sends a text message to other guardians on the child’s contact list so everyone knows when the child has been signed out of school. The same solutions allow the school to manage their list of verified visitors.

  • IP Cameras
  • Indoor & Outdoor Megapixel Cameras
  • Wireless Video Surveillance
  • Video Security Design
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Monitor Room Set up
  • Biometric Credentiating
  • Access Control
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